Coding and Testing ReactJS Application for Beginners πŸš€

Nikolay Advolodkin
1 min readJun 1, 2022
Coding and Testing ReactJS Application for Beginners

Hi friends, welcome to Ultimate QA β€” where testers come to develop and developers come to test.

In this new tutorial, you will learn how to:

Use, code, and test ReactJS app, write e2e visual tests, and develop test strategies. You will also learn how to use testing tools such as, Cypress, and Jest.

βœ… Code a simple react app using create-react-app

βœ… Deploy to Microsoft Azure

βœ… Code a birthday reminder app

βœ… Code some tests

βœ…Create a testing strategy

βœ… Code a developer portfolio website

βœ… Use, Jest, and for testing

βœ… Do functional e2e testing, unit testing, visual e2e testing, component testing

Table of Contents:

πŸ“Œ Creating A React App and Deploy to Microsoft Azure

πŸ“Œ Birthday Reminder React App with Full Testing

πŸ“Œ Build & Test A Portfolio Website

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😁 Enjoy this tutorial that will level up your Reactjs skills!

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