7 Free Workshops with Java + JavaScrip to up-skill! 🥇

💻 Testing for Good is back with its largest event ever — October 18th to 20th

🧠 You will learn:

  • End-to-End Component Testing Using Cypress by Gleb Bahmutov
  • API Testing with Java by Bas Dijkstra
  • Crafting a Test Framework by Titus Fortner
  • Mobile Testing with Java by Eyal Yovel
  • Web Testing with Java by Chris Eccleston
  • API Testing with JavaScript by me

Register Here 👉 https://snip.ly/p64hq5

🌎 Testing for Good Workshops exists to enable amazing test automation while shaping a more equitable society To date, Testing for Good has raised over $20,000 for different NGOs.



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Nikolay Advolodkin

Nikolay Advolodkin is a self-driven SDET on a lifelong mission to create profound change in the IT world and ultimately leave a legacy for his loved ones