5 Workshops You Can’t Miss From Sauce Con 2021

Nikolay Advolodkin
6 min readApr 6, 2021

You can get the most out of your visit to Sauce Con 2021 by not missing out on these essential Sauce Con workshops.

Sauce Con is an exciting opportunity to get together with people all over the world who use Sauce Labs as well as other automated testing experts. The conference set for 2021 is sure to be full of exciting workshops.

The conference will be held on April 20th at 11 AM EST, but if you can’t make it, you will be sent a recording of the workshop. You can register here and save 50% by applying the coupon code ADV0424 on the payment page. You should be sure to register soon if you are interested because seats are limited!

There are many exciting Sauce Con workshops to choose from at this conference, but here are our top 5picks that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Crafting a Test Framework

This advanced workshop is 4 hours long and walks you through testing a sample application that will help you see how each component works together to streamline the process and make it easier to update your code when needed. Creating a framework that is efficient and easy to use will help you reduce costs because the most expensive part of a Selenium test suite is the maintenance costs which tend to eat up more of your budget than creation or execution.

The workshop will start with discussing how to write good tests and using test data. Then it will move into working with objects on a page and synchronization. Next is encapsulating objects and performing tests at scale. You will learn to prioritize the right things when creating test tooling and how the different framework parts work together.

In order to get the most out of this workshop, you should already have experience with Java. You should also have Git, IntelliJ, and JDK v1.8 or higher installed. This workshop is ideal for testers who either have already written or plan to write automation frameworks. It will also be beneficial for testers who maintain a framework that needs some major improvements.

Nikolay Advolodkin

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